Going Beyond Plus Ultra: A Review of My Hero Academia – Season 1

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Well, readers. I’ve finally done it. I’ve watched the first season of My Hero Academia, wildly popular shonen anime and current pop culture juggernaut. The manga version of MHA has flown off the shelves here at the AOPLD, and I’ve had plenty of patrons tell me I should read it, plenty more telling me to watch the show. Speaking of the anime, we have the first two seasons on Blu-Ray at the Argenta Library! Yay!

But we’re veering away from the point here, aren’t we?

The point is that I, Alexa–lifelong anime fan and self-proclaimed purveyor of popular culture–finally watched the anime. The first season, anyway. It took a quarantine and a state-wide lockdown, but I did it!

And I have a lot of thoughts.

For those of you who don’t know, My Hero Academia is the story of one Izuku Midoriya (the boy with the green hair in the picture), as he navigates life in a world full of heroes and villains. In Izuku’s version of Japan, many people re born with a superpower called a “quirk,” granting them abilities beyond the scope of human imagination. Izuku, however, wasn’t born with a quirk. He’s quirkless. Until his favorite superhero, All Might, shows up and agrees to train him.

Thus begins Izuku’s journey to UA High, a high school where future superheroes go to train. There, he’s put into Class 1-A, and plenty of hi-jinks kick off from there.

Now that we’ve gotten the synopsis out of the way, let me tell you, dear readers…

REALLY love this show. I love it so much and I’m mad at myself for not watching it earlier. After watching the first season and half of the second season, I can safely say My Hero Academia is one of my new favorite shows. The characters are deeply flawed while being relatable, and the animation is gorgeous. The show is also surprisingly funny. I laugh out lBlushing Boku No Hero Academia GIF by mannyjammy - Find & Share on ...oud almost every episode, thanks to a witty one-liner or an exaggerated animation. Izuku–nicknamed Deku by his friends–is a great protagonist. Audiences can’t help but root for him. He’s determined, yet kind, courageous, yet persistent. His friends are all wonderful in their own ways, their personalities fleshed-out and nuanced in a way that makes them feel real.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about My Hero Academia is that the show doesn’t just deal with superpowers. It’s also a show about adolescence and high school. Its characters are dealing with crushes and parents, responsibility and the darkness of the world. MHA offers great lessons for younger audiences–don’t give up, try your best!–but it’s also a wonderfully engaging story for mid-twenty-somethings like myself.

todoroki gifs | Tumblr


Oh, and for the record…

My favorite character is Todoroki (the guy on the left). He’s the best.

I now understand why everyone loves him.

If you’re interested in watching My Hero Academia (you should be), ti’s currently streaming on Hulu! Get your first month free trial today! And before you get to wondering, no, I’m not sponsored by Hulu. Nor is AOPLD.

I just really want everyone to watch this show.

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