Summer Reading

Our 2020 theme Dig Deeper! Read! Investigate! Discover! focuses on digging into your interests whatever they may be! Exploring this theme includes reading fiction and nonfiction that is reality-based, but it also includes reading stories based purely on imagination.

This year’s program will be a little different as we navigate the 2020 summer season. We will have two parts to Summer Reading — reading and crafts!

If you would like to participate in the Reading Program, click here to get a reading log. We will be starting the reading on June 15th and going through July 26. On the reading log, you will set your own reading goal — whether it is reading so many books or so many minutes! Record your books or minutes each day — turn them in to receive coupons and prizes during August! ALL prizes will be given out during the month of August.

AOPLD will be providing some craft ideas that you can do at home! Craft ideas will be created from common household items. Craft ideas will be given out through their Summer Reading bag. Bags will be distributed through curbside service in June. To make sure that the craft ideas are appropriate for the age of your children, please fill out the following form:

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