Summer Registration Starts Today!

It’s that time of year again…Summer Reading registration starts today, Monday, May 23, 2016. We have an exciting line-up of activities and programs for children of all ages to participate in.

Encourage the children in your life to continue reading throughout the summer! Stop by the library to register and pick up a packet of information.


  1. Hello,

    Does the library accept book donations?

    Also, do you have more information about the adult summer reading program?

    Thank you!
    Emily Mocny, Oreana

    • Hello,

      Yes, the library does accept gentle-used books. Once donated, library staff will decide if the item should be added to our collection. Items can be used to replace a worn copy or give us something new on the shelves. If the staff decides that the item is not needed in our collection, we will put the item up for purchase in the library’s standing book sale.

      The adult summer reading program is very easy…read a book that you want to read…fill out a slip of paper rating the book. The top half of the paper gives us your name and contact information, the bottom half is your review of that book. We cut the slip in two, your name goes in a drawing for prizes and your review goes on our board so others can see what has been read locally. The review is just one or two words to describe the book — such as interesting read, or you will like this if you like history…that type of thing.

      Prizes include coloring books, flash drives, gift cards, head phones, etc.

      You can also read online books as well to qualify…I hope I see you at the library! Donna

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