Cloud Library

What is the Cloud Library (a.k.a. eReadIllinois)?

  • eReadIllinois is a group of libraries supported by the Illinois Heartland Library System that offers e-books and e-audiobooks through the Cloud Library.
  • eReadIllinois is a supplement to Library on the Go, not a replacement. There are different items in each service.
  • You can search for e-books through the Cloud Library app or by searching the SHARE online catalog for “cloudlibrary” (no spaces).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Username and Password?

Your username is your library barcode. You password is your library PIN — the last 4 digits of your library barcode, unless you’ve changed it in the SHARE online catalog.

How many books can I check out at once?

You can have a maximum of five books checked out at any one time.

How long can I check out books?

You can check out books for 21 days.

Can I return books early?

Yes, you can return e-books early. Log in to your account through the SHARE online catalog. Go to My Account and choose Items Out. Find the Cloud Library e-book and click Check In.
You can also return books through the app’s My Books screen.

I don’t see Argenta or Oreana Library listed as My Library in the Cloud Library app. What library should I choose?

Choose Illinois Heartland Library System.

Can I check out books from Library on the Go and Cloud Library at the same time?

You certainly can. You can potentially have a maximum of ten e-books (five from Library on the Go, five from the Cloud Library checked out at any given time.

Can I get this on my Kindle Fire?

Yes, just use your Fire’s browser (called Silk) to go to and download the app from there.

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