Library Services

We offer many services to the community!

Circulating Collections

Our library has a great collection for our size! We have over 21,000 books at our two branches! We also have over 3,000 DVDs! We even have over 450 music CDs! Plus, if you can believe it, we have over 150 video games! All of these can be checked out at no cost! And if there’s anything we don’t have in our collection, we can request it from other libraries in Illinois, and they will let us borrow it free of charge!

Copies and prints:

$.10 per side for b/w copies or prints.
$.25 per side for color copies or prints.
$.20 per side for library-supplied resume paper


$1.00 per page with no charge for the confirmation page or cover page.

First-Class Forever Stamps:

current postal rate.

Digital Scanning:

Free! Our copier can scan documents and pictures and send them to your e-mail in either PDF, JPG or TIFF formats.


$.50 per foot (only offered at Oreana).

Disc cleaning and repair (CD/DVD/Blu Ray):

$2.00 per disc. The library district cannot make any guarantee about the condition or usability of the disc after cleaning/repair, and is not responsible for discs unable to be used (only offered at Argenta).

Computers and/or Wireless Access:

Free. Patrons must agree to the Acceptable Use Policy, which displays as the first page of any of our browsers. Patrons under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a copy of this agreement on their child’s behalf before they can use the internet on our computers.

Educational and Recreational Programming:

Free. Upon occasion, the library may offer programming that requires special supplies, in that case, a small fee may be charged.


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