Utilize the LOVE Collection

What is the LOVE collection?

It is a cooperative purchase program where a dozen or so libraries work together to purchase DVDs!  LOVE stands for Libraries Offering Video Entertainment and it started in the middle of the 1990s for small public libraries who couldn’t afford a large movie collection.  AOPLD is very excited to announce that we have just joined this group!

What’s going to happen?

Each month during the first week (the exact day depends on when we get delivery), a collection of DVDs about 70-80 will show up in both libraries.  They are in very distinctive red cases and we will be putting them in a special section.  If you have a valid library card for AOPLD, you will be able to check them out for three days; with a $0.50 a day fine if you are late; no holds will be allowed on this collection, and no renewals.  When our month is over, the collection will rotate out to the next library on the delivery list and we will get another collection of DVDs for the month.  And because we have two buildings, there will be double the titles.

Will we stop buying DVDs for our collection?

The answer to that is ‘no’.  We will continue to purchase DVDs for our collection.  The LOVE collection is there to enhance how many we have to offer.  And just think if you don’t like what you are seeing, the selection will rotate out and a different set will be here for the next month.

What’s in the collections?

Each collection has a selection of popular movies ranging from drama to horror to Hallmark movies to classics.  There are children’s movies as well!

Is this expensive?

No, in fact it is unbelievably cheap to participate in this cooperative purchase.  AOPLD could not possibly buy, process, and enter the DVDs into our library catalog for the amount we pay to participate.  The cool factor is that the participating libraries are pooling their dollars to get the most ‘bang for our buck’!

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